Keynotes & Workshops

All presentations are customized to your unique industry and typically include a report on current industry trends.  Randy can also do pre-conference interviews to determine specific marketing issues that attendees are struggling with and then address potential solutions to those issues in his talk.

Currently, Randy is offering the following three presentations:     

How to Create a Powerful Service Business Marketing System

60-90 minute (heavy content) keynote, break-out session, or full-day workshop   

This comprehensive program is a high-level overview of the strategies needed to address the unique challenges of marketing smaller service businesses. Covers all seven of the key elements of creating an integrated marketing system that will increase sales while reducing stress and frustration. Participants will learn how to create a marketing system that accomplishes the following:

  • Defines Ideal Customer Profiles so the business can focus its limited resources for greater impact
  • Develops service offering and pricing strategies that smooth out the demand for services and facilitate up-selling and cross-selling tactics
  • Creates a lead generation system that consistently delivers quality leads every month
  • Develops a customer experience system that builds customer loyalty and increases referrals
  • Includes tactics for increasing purchase frequency and the average value of each sale.

How to Create a Powerful Service Business Brand Strategy

 30-60 minute keynote or 60-90 minute breakout session

Branding is most underrated and misunderstood part of building an effective small business marketing system.  Yet time spend developing an effective brand strategy can dramatically increase marketing ROI.  This program will focus on the process of creating a powerful brand that stands out in the marketplace, attracts new customers and inspires customer loyalty.   Includes the following content:

  • How to collect the research needed to create an effective brand
  • How to define who the brand will focus on
  • Develop a compelling Unique Value Proposition. This is what the company will offer that makes it stand out in the hearts and minds of its customers and prospects   
  • Define how the company will articulate its Unique Value Proposition to the marketplace.
  • How to build an image of authority and trust into a brand’s identity

How to Create a Powerful Lead Generation System

60 minute break out to a half-day workshop

Surveys indicate that lead generation is one of the biggest concerns that small businesses have when it comes to their marketing.  Leads are a critical component for any company to grow.  Participants in this workshop will learn how to get more “bang-for-the-buck” and create a lead generation system that delivers a steady flow of leads every month.  Topics include:

  • How to target the right customers
  • Inbound vs outbound methods – How to select the methods that are best suited for a specific business
  • How to automate lead generation using the latest in digital marketing technology
  • How to get prospects to know, like, and trust a business using on-line content marketing
  • How to create compelling marketing communications that generate measurable response.
  • How to create an effective referral system
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“Planning and strategy ideas were superb…”
– Cindy Long, A Mystic Voyage

“Extremely informative. Taught with great enthusiasm!”
– Nanci Smith, Medical Professionals, Inc