Randy Braun, MBA


I’ve always been fascinated with strategy. Over the years that fascination has manifested itself through the intense study of investment, economic, and even football strategies!   But my greatest fascination began when I fell in love with marketing strategy as a college undergraduate.  It’s a passion that has been fed over the years with an MBA in Marketing Strategy, teaching marketing part-time at local Universities, and lots of practice with what works and what doesn’t work in the trenches of small business marketing.  (You can find my full bio at the bottom of this page).

I come from a family of small business owners which led me to read The E-Myth by Michael Gerber.  It was my first introduction to the concept of “systems thinking” as it relates to running a small business.  It really resonated with me and I began applying systems thinking to the marketing of small businesses and non-profits.

Years later I discovered the book Duct Tape Marketing by John Jantsch.  John had worked with Michael Gerber and had taken the concept of small business marketing systems to a much higher level including the development of an international network of like-minded marketing consultants.  I knew immediately that The Small Business Marketing Academy had to become part of the Duct Tape Marketing network.

What You Get When You Hire a Duct Tape Marketing Consultant

When you hire a Certified Duct Tape Marketing Consultant, you are getting decades of marketing experience at a fraction of the cost. Certified Duct Tape Marketing Consultants use a proven marketing process that has worked for clients of all sizes.

Duct Tape Marketing Consultants Follow a Proven Marketing Process

Developed over 20 years ago, Duct Tape Marketing is a way to install a turnkey marketing system for small to mid-size businesses. John Jantsch, its founder, has written several books and earned accolades from Forbes, CNBC, the New York Enterprise Report. His books have reached the Wall Street Journal bestseller list and he has delivered keynote speeches to organizations such as American Express, Microsoft, Verizon, HP, and eBay.

  • Each Duct Tape Marketing Consultant completes a rigorous initial training. They continue training through webinars and at events throughout the year that ensure they are the best at the marketing game.
  • Approximately 100 Duct Tape Marketing Consultants worldwide serve as a sounding board for connections, ideas, and feedback to get the best client results
  • DTM Consultants have access to cutting-edge digital marketing tools and services so they can create a total online presence for their clients.

Impressive testimonials about John’s Duct Tape Marketing book:

“Duct Tape Marketing is just like its namesake – it’s good, incredibly smart, amazingly practical, and immensely sticky stuff.”- Michael Gerber, author of The E-Myth.   

“CAREFUL! Duct tape is a serious tool! It sticks where you put it. So are the ideas in this book. If you’re ready to make a commitment and are willing to make something happen, John’s book is a great place to start.” – Seth Godin, author of Purple Cow

“John Jantsch has provided small businesses with the perfect perspective for maximizing all marketing activities – offline and on. Jantsch has the plan to help you thrive in the world of business today. Read it; all your competitors will.” –

John Battelle, co-founding editor or Wired and author of The Search: How Google and Its Rivals Rewrote the Rules of Business and Transformed Our Culture

About Randy

Randy Braun, MBA, is an award-winning speaker, marketing strategist, and entrepreneur.  He is President of the Small Business Marketing Academy a firm dedicated to the success of small to midsized service businesses.

Randy is an Adjunct Professor of Marketing at Denver University and received the Gold Key International Award for Best Adjunct Instructor while teaching at the Metropolitan State University of Denver. He holds both a bachelor’s and an MBA degree in Marketing Strategy and is a Certified Duct Tape Marketing Consultant.

He has held sales, marketing, and management positions at several major radio stations and the General Electric Company. Entrepreneurial activities include founding two successful businesses and building a large commercial real estate portfolio.

Randy lives in Denver, Colorado and has served a total of 18 years on the Board of Directors for three non-profit charities. His love of animals led him to volunteer at the Denver Dumb Friends League for over 15 years.  His broad range of past avocations includes working as a semi-professional stage actor and high school football coach to serving in the Colorado Army National Guard and the United States Naval Reserve Intelligence Program.