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Tactics without Strategy is the Noise Before Defeat– Sun Tzu

Why a Marketing System?

A marketing system is a strategic process for continually acquiring new customers, maximizing their value, and turning them into loyal advocates of your business.  When you create a marketing system you get the following benefits:

  • Maximize the revenue you get from every customer
  • A greater return on the time and money you invest in marketing
  • Continually generate leads and convert them into new customers
  • Greatly increase your control and decrease your stress and frustration
  • Systematically develop customers into loyal advocates of your business

We use the following process in designing your Marketing System:

Pre-System Design Research:

Situation AnalysisWe begin by evaluating the big picture business environment for your business.  What are your strengths and weaknesses?  How might factors like technology, government, and demographic and cultural shifts impact you in the near or long term?  What changes are going on in your industry that might affect your business?  While these environmental forces are not things we can control, we can create strategies to reduce or eliminate threats and take advantage of opportunities.

Competitive Research Detailed report on competitive factors for 3-5 of your top competitors.  Analysis of their overall strengths and their online presence including website rankings, reviews, and social presence.

Customer Research (Optional but usually recommended) –  We create an email survey for your customers or do phone interviews to get a picture as to why they buy from you vs. your competitors. This is helpful in developing your Unique Value Proposition and Branding.  It also helps us develop Ideal Customer Profiles and uncover strengths and weakness in your Customer Experience System.      

Designing the Foundation of Your Marketing System:

The Foundation of your system represents the critical marketing components often overlooked by small businesses.  Often, they skip over these steps and move right to the tactics found in the three subsystems.  This is a big mistake!  Your tactics will lack focus and power and you won’t be able to maximize the value that each customer can potentially bring to your business.

It takes a great deal of time and thought to build a solid foundation for your marketing system.  But the good news is, once built, your foundation typically requires little or no effort to maintain.

  1. Ideal Customer ProfilesThis section defines WHO your Marketing System should be focused on. This step maximizes focus, revenue, and profitability while eliminating customers that waste your time, resources and patience.  Defines segments by factors such as geographic, demographics, values, behaviors and interests.  We also define motivations and buying processes, and rate them as to overall attractiveness.
  2. Unique Value Proposition This critical section defines WHY your customers should choose you over your competition.  Sometimes this is an easy question to answer but more often the reasons are subtle and require customer research to really dig them out.  We also need to review your competitive research to see where we can best position your business in the marketplace relative to your competitors.
  3. BrandingThis section defines HOW you will articulate your Unique Value Proposition to your customers and prospects.  Effective branding is more than just a nice logo. If should concisely convey your Unique Value Proposition along with your “brand personality” in a way that is compelling to your customers.  Colors, tagline, and logo should all come together to create the right “face” for your brand and business.
  4. Service, Product, and Pricing StrategiesThis section defines WHAT Services and Products you should offer using WHAT Pricing Strategies. Based on “The Three Ways to Build Sales”, we develop strategies that allow your marketing system to maximize the value of each customer by creating offerings and pricing strategies that facilitate, 1.) getting new customers, 2.) increasing their purchase frequency, and 3.) increasing their average purchase.  In some cases, we may be able to integrate competitive research to develop these strategies.
    Designing Your Three Sub-Systems

    Your sub-systems are where the actual day-to-day work of your marketing takes place.  For most businesses to grow they need to be continually getting new customers, giving them a great customer experience and developing strong relationships with them.  Fortunately, digital marketing systems can greatly simplify many parts of this process.

  5. New Customer System –  This is where we apply the Duct Tape Marketing Hourglass model™ to develop online and off-line tactics for getting new prospects to know, like, try, and buy from you.  We’ll give you a complete analysis of your online presence including a website review, analysis of your SEO, online reputation, and social media presence as well as how you stack up to your competitors in these areas. We’ll also include recommendations for a customized Digital Marketing System.Comprehensive Promotional Plan (Optional) – We can integrate online and off-line tactics to create a complete detailed promotional plan.  Includes specific content and messaging strategies along with specific media choices and costs scheduled on an annual calendar.

    Personal Selling Plan (Optional) – If you use inside and/or outside salespeople, we can evaluate your hiring, training, compensation, and selling processes and make recommendations for improvement.

  6. Customer Experience System – This is the very heart of your Marketing System.  This is where you’ll earn loyal repeat customers and the referrals they generate.  We’ll map out your entire customer journey and evaluate all the “touch points” that create a great experience for your customers.  We’ll also set up a digital customer feedback system that will allow you to track your progress, discover touch points that need fixing, and determine what percentage of your customers are excited enough about your business to promote it to others.
  7. Customer Development System– We’ll design on-line and off-line tactics for developing stronger relationships with your customers, building repeat business, and up-selling and cross-selling while encouraging referrals.

Done-For-You Marketing System Designs run from $7,500 to $10,000 and are most appropriate for companies with annual revenues in access of $500K.      

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 “There was a point where we thought we might have to close our doors for good.  Randy was a tremendous help with innovative ideas like designing customer surveys, restructuring our pricing strategy, and bringing in digital marketing tools.  His creativity was amazing!  Today our “little theater” does over $1 million in annual revenues!”

-Ed Chambers, Former Board Chair
-The Town Hall Arts Center

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