Digital Marketing

Nothing has changed the small business marketing landscape in recent years as much as digital marketing.  Old marketing media like the yellow pages and newspapers have given way to a new age where customers are now far more likely to discover new products and services online. Thus, it is critical for small businesses today to have a strong online presence that generates leads and builds strong on-going relationships with customers.    

Creating Your Digital Marketing System (DMS)

A strong DMS has three parts.  First, you must get found; second, you must have a solid website with the capabilities to perform as the core of your system; and third, you need tactics for building trust, authority, and relationships.

I. Getting Found

One of the primary goals of a good Digital Marketing System is to generate a steady flow of leads for your business.  This allows you to reduce or eliminate reliance on cold-calling and/or heavy media expenses.  Even a very expensive website is at best an “online brochure” if you don’t have strategies in place for continually drawing qualified traffic to it. There are three general ways to draw new online prospects to your website: local SEO, organic SEO, and online advertising. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is arguably the most “mysterious” part of online marketingIt is the process of drawing unpaid traffic to your website.  SEO can potentially deliver high rankings with better credibility than paid methods.   One downside is that it may take many months to “convince” the search engines that your listing deserves to outrank your competitors versus paid methods which can deliver immediate results.

Local SEO might be a good fit for you if you have a physical location, with low-to-moderate competition, and seek to draw online traffic from prospects within a five-mile radius of your location.  Our Local SEO services start at $300 per month with a $500 set up fee.

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Organic SEO is a more powerful (and more expensive) form of SEO.  It can compete in highly competitive local markets as well as on a national level.  Organic SEO typically involves regularly posting online content (such as blogs and social media posts) which creates a very popular online strategy known as Inbound Marketing.  Our Organic SEO services start at $1600 per month with a $500 set up fee.    

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Online advertising has become an outstanding marketing tool for small businesses.  While it can be difficult to track ROI with traditional advertising methods like radio and newspaper, online advertising is very measurable.  Not only does this allow you to better track ROI, but it also allows you to quickly see what campaigns aren’t performing well and make adjustments in targeting and messaging.  Online advertising also allows you to focus your targeting on small geographic areas making it a great fit for local small businesses.

Perhaps the best form of online advertising for small businesses is Google Pay/Click (also referred to as Google Adwords).  It can be used as a stand-alone traffic generator but also works well with local and organic SEO programs. Unlike SEO programs that might take six to twelve months to see results, Google Pay/Click can immediately place your ad at the top of the Google search results page.

Facebook is another outstanding advertising platform that offers very uniquely powerful ways to target small business customers.  Finally, Google Retargeting ads are a very cost-effective way to reach prospects that have visited your website and encourage them to return.

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The Small Business Marketing Academy can do the complete setup and management of complex “lead funnels” that might involve SEO, online advertising, landing pages, automated email campaigns, and call tracking.

II. Have a Solid Web Site

Your website is the very core of your Digital Marketing System.  There are very cheap websites you can buy online and build yourself in a single afternoon.  And if you’re a solo-operator that is just starting out, that may be just fine for now.  But if you’re going to build a powerful DMS you’ll need a much more powerful website.

One of the most important jobs your website must perform is converting online traffic into leads.  Thus, it needs to be “SEO Friendly”, have well-developed landing pages, and easily integrate content like videos, blogs, and e-books.  In addition, it should integrate well with social media and have excellent email marketing capabilities.  We refer to these as Marketing Activated Websites.   These are websites that not only look good but are also well equipped to play the leading role in your Digital Marketing System.

A new Marketing Activated Website typically runs $5,000-$7,000

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III. Build Trust, Authority, and Relationships

Your Digital Marketing System needs to begin building trust with prospects early in the marketing process.  Without trust, it will be very difficult to convert prospects into leads and even more difficult to convert them into customers.  But how do you build trust with prospects who know very little about you and have never even talked to you or your staff? After all, every business claims to be good at what they do – so how do you prove it?

Online Reputation Management provides a simple and affordable way to monitor and manage your online reputation across a variety of review sites such as Yelp, Google, and Angie’s List as well as your own website and social media sites.  In fact, having good reviews posted on Google can even help boost your SEO rankings.   Online Reputation Management Systems start at $195 per month plus a $200 set up fee.          

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Content Marketing is the process of creating and distributing valuable information to acquire and develop customer relationships.  It’s been around for over 200 years but has seen a very dramatic increase in popularity in recent years due to the internet.  Blogging, videos, social media posts, e-newsletters, and e-books now play a very important role in many successful Digital Marketing Systems.  On-line content builds trust, authority, and relationships.  It positions your company as the experts in your field and helps insulate you from price competition.   Further, it plays a big role in improving your SEO rankings.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing has been around for such a long time that marketers often take it for granted.  Yet email remains one of the most cost-effective ways to build solid relationships with your customers.  And with new automation tools that allow you to set campaigns on “autopilot”, email is not only cost-effective, it’s time-effective.  Email can also be highly targeted to specific customer segments and personalized for even greater impact.

Customer Feedback System

This digital system is a highly effective method for tracking the success of your Customer Experience System which is the very core of your entire Marketing System.  This produces a clear measure of your company’s performance through your customers’ eyes, with the overall outcome creating repeat and referral business from happy customers.

Elegant in its simplicity, this system gives valuable insight into the satisfaction of your customers allowing you to leverage the loyalty of your “Promotors” and address the problems you’re having with your “Detractors”.

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