Course Outline

Detailed Course Outline

Here’s an overview of what’s contained in the Duct Tape Marketing System Course

 Module 1 – Strategy and Brand Foundation

In module one we focus on the all-important strategy elements of your business. Your strategy is your foundation for the entire business and just like a house; your business must be built on a firm foundation.

You’ll learn. . .

  • The 2 best ways to identify your target market
  • 5 powerful steps to apply to your current client base to discover and attract more of your ideal client (these 5 steps are so powerful they will tell you more about your true ideal client than any marketing class or book!)
  • Why finding a core difference is the single most important factor in your marketing system
  • The 5 questions to ask to find your unique point of difference
  • The “talking logo” technique for communicating your unique point of difference
  • 11 ways to differentiate from your competitors and find your true value proposition
  • Why your logo is not your only element in your brand (in fact, there can be as many as 23 elements that truly make your brand!)
  • The 3 things to consider when deciding on a firm name and the 4 types of names you can choose from
  • How to collaborate with your designer for better results
  • How to conduct a Brand Identity Audit so that you know if your brand is “doing the right things” for your business

 Module 2 – The Marketing Hourglass

Understanding your customer’s buying journey is essential to understanding how to attract and serve your ideal clients. The Marketing Hourglass is a unique framework that you can use to create your overarching marketing strategy as well as to design a new product launch campaign.

The steps in the Hourglass – know, like, trust, try, buy, repeat and refer will be linked to specific actions or processes in your business designed to move prospects and clients logically down the path of the Hourglass.

You’ll learn . . .

  • How your profits will increase if you implement the marketing hourglass
  • Finding it hard to close a sale? It could be because you’re missing these 2 elements in the marketing hourglass.
  • One simple thing you can do to increase your profits AFTER a sale is made – this is something many businesses neglect and leave money on the table
  • Why having a great product or service is NOT enough and what is the “missing link” to achieving repeat customers
  • 4 creative ways to repackage your offers to make them more universally appealing
  • The simple way to create a by-product to potentially increase your profits (this could even up your expert status in your market).

Module 3 – Content Foundation

Content is the voice of your marketing strategy. It’s how you get your message told, how you guide prospects through the marketing hourglass, how you build trust and, ultimately, how you convert prospects to clients.

You’ll learn . . .

  • How to adopt the “publisher” method for creating content for your business
  • How to use content to boost your search rankings
  • The 3 types of content you need create to increase profits
  • The 4 types of content that builds trust
  • How to craft your own Marketing Kit – a collection of information that help you present the best possible case for why a prospect would buy from you
  • How to let other people bring you more clients using your content
  • How to craft a marketing story for your business that lets you connect with your customers at the deepest level
  • How to use content to increase your social media ROI

Module 4 – Content Platform

In order to get the most from your content creation, you need to focus on various forms of distribution and consumption. A blog, podcast, newsletter, social networks and content networks must be considered as the primary tools for getting your message found and read in a way that moves the process from awareness to trust.

You’ll learn . . .

  • How to build a blog for your company and brand.
  • Tools to keep your blog populated with minimal time.
  • How to create compelling content that gets more clicks and is seen by more people.
  • To increase your company’s content profile across multiple platforms.
  • How to convert leads with email marketing.
  • How to create exciting video content.
  • How to use tools to craft professional infographics for online or promotional use.
  • 10 plug-ins that make WordPress more useful

 Module 5 – Online Presence

As marketing your business online continues to evolve it’s become essential to look at how you view your online presence in a global, integrated and strategic manner. From this view, you can gain the greatest coverage with the least amount of chasing your tail. There’s a bit of a hierarchy to what must be done first and by adhering to this loose order you’ll always know what comes next.

You’ll learn . . .

  • How to create a “listening station” – this automatically tells you what your customers are saying about you, your competitor, and your market in general.
  • How to know if any new tool of platform is right for you
  • How to create a social media automation routine
  • How to take full advantage of Social Media to attract more prospects
  • 7 steps to create a Social Media Conversion System to help you get more customers from Social Media
  • How to manage your profile on all relevent search directories.
  • How to create landing pages that convert at a high rate.
  • How to properly amplify your content.
  • How to use content upgrades to capture leads.

If you want a complete marketing package, get started by buying this package. You do not need to buy any other books or systems. It is well worth your time (lots of it) and money! “ – Brent Pohlman, Marketing Director at Midwest Laboratories Inc.

“We had read both Duct Tape Marketing and the Referral Engine books, and had gotten a lot of good ideas. Taking the formal course though made us rethink our entire business. As a result we know our customers much better and they in turn are able, willing and eager to refer the Keys to Interactive Parenting Scale (KIPS) to others.I will return to the materials over and over because I get more out of it each time.I can’t think of a better value for our time and the little bit of money we spent on the Duct Tape Marketing Course.” – Phil Gordon  Compfort Consults

Module 6 – Online Optimization

One of the benefits of building a total online presence in the manner we have suggested throughout this program is that these efforts will make it easier for search engines to send prospects directly to you. Now it’s time to make sure that you optimize your content and web properties in ways that will attract the highest number of ideal prospects.

You’ll learn . . .

  • How to get more 5-star reviews!
  • How to become a local search powerhouse.
  • The only 3 elements you need to focus on to increase your chances of appearing on the first page of Google
  • Why you need to participate in social networks if you want your website to rise in the search engines
  • How to benefit from simple keyword research
  • How to create web pages that search engine love
  • 7 ways to acquire the RIGHT kind of links for your website
  • 10 tools to carry out SEO and competitive research more effectively

 Module 7 – Marketing Channels

Just a few years ago, there were only a handful of channels available to marketers. Now there are up to 16. Which means, in order to grow your business, you want to select a couple of channels you are really good at and leverage them for growth.

You’ll learn . . .

  • How to adopt the appropriate mindset for growth
  • Every channel you could use to grow and market your business
  • How to identify which channels are best for your business
  • How to leverage the channels at which you excel
  • How to supplement those channels with advertising
  • How to earn referrals
  • Ways you can build a powerful network of strategic partners

 Module 8 – Keeping Score

Organizations that base their overall marketing objectives on elements that can be measured are far more successful than those that merely hope they are getting results. The only way to improve your marketing results is track what’s working and what’s not and go to work on getting better results.

You’ll learn . . .

  • Ways to make sure you are meeting your marketing goals.
  • How to take advantage of online advertising without breaking your budget.
  • How to measure your lead conversion success.
  • To use statistics to make your sales operation more effective.
  • Tools to create custom marketing reporting dashboards.
  • How to visualize your sales operation.
  • To understand your customers, and convert more leads into customers.

 Module 9 – Ongoing Growth Planning

While Module 9 could be looked at as the end of this program, it could also be looked at as the beginning. You’re never really done building a marketing system and this module introduces the process of ongoing planning and growth. In some ways this would be the perfect time to start this program over again.

You’ll learn

  • 3 questions to help your business get unstuck and move towards your
  • 3 questions to help your business get unstuck and move towards your goal
  • How to best use your time to achieve your goals
  • The simple way to track your marketing progress so that you know if you’re successful with your efforts (you only need to track 3 things)
  • How to spend as little as possible to achieve your marketing goals (in other words, how to do marketing without wasting money)
  • How to manage your marketing activities so that you know what to do each day with maximum focus
  • 2 ways to make your sure staff is focused on the end goal so that you increase your chances of achieving it