Helping Small Service Businesses
Create Powerful Marketing Systems

Get a Strategic Process to Continually Acquire New Customers,
 Maximize Their Value, and Turn Them into Life-Long Advocates

Can You Answer “Yes” to Any of These Six Questions?

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    Do you ever feel like you must compete solely on price because there’s not much else that distinguishes your business from your competitors?
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    Does your marketing feel unfocused, like you’re moving from one tactic to the next without any strategy that ties them all together?
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    Do you find it difficult to track the return on investment from the money you spend on marketing and advertising?
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    Do feel frustrated with by your inability to generate enough leads and/or convert those leads into customers?
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    Would you like to improve your on-line presence and automate more of your marketing process via digital tools?
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    Would you like to take more control of your marketing, worry less, and have more personal freedom?

If You Answered “Yes” to Any of Those Questions
Then You Would Benefit from a Marketing System


BUILD Your Own
Marketing System

The Duct Tape Marketing online class is perfect for smaller businesses that what to learn how to create their own marketing system.  Based on the highly successful Duct Tape Marketing book, this is the system that has transformed small businesses all over the world!

Done-For-you marketing

Businesses with at least $300K in annual sales should consider a customized “Done-For-You” Marketing System Design. 


Digital Marketing Systems have become a critical component of ALL Marketing Systems today.  Learn how they can automate parts of your marketing process and become a powerful asset for growing your business.

Overview of The SBMA Marketing System

On the left is an outline of a Marketing System designed to continually acquire new customers, maximize their value, and turn them into life-long advocates of a business.

I.) The Foundation – This is a critical piece missing from most small business marketing strategies. It has three elements:

  • Ideal Customer Profiles – This defines WHO your business will focus its limited resources on. Selectively focusing on those customers that offer you the greatest ROI.
  • Unique Value Proposition – Defines WHAT your business will offer that will make you stand out in the hearts and minds of your “Ideal Customer” prospects.
  • Branding and Messaging – Defines HOW you will compellingly articulate the value you deliver to your customers.

II.) Product, Service, and Pricing Strategies – These strategies need to be configured to maximize profit while addressing all three of the ways to build sales: 1.) acquire new customers, 2.) increase purchase frequency, and 3.) increase your average sale.

III.) The Subsystems – This is where the on-going day-to-day work of your Marketing System takes place. But that work is easier and far more profitable once you’ve built a solid foundation and created strong product, service, and pricing strategies.

  • New Customer System – This system is about generating qualified leads and converting them into new customers.
  • Customer Experience System – This is the very heart of your entire Marketing System. It flawlessly delivers your Unique Value Proposition and orchestrates every “touchpoint” of your customer’s experience.
  • Customer Development System – This system works with your customer experience system to increase customer loyalty and deliver three key outcomes: increased purchase frequency, an increased average sale, and referrals.

Some of the primary benefits of your Marketing System will include:

  • Increased sales and profits.
  • Having a focused and integrated system for acquiring new customers and developing them into life-long advocates of your business.
  • Reduced need to compete on price
  • Much improved marketing ROI
  • The ability to track key marketing metrics allowing you to make continual improvements to your system.
  • More control and personal freedom for you combined with less stress and frustration.

How We’re Different

We specialize in working with small to mid-sized service based companies with less than 100 employees.  And unlike most marketing consultants that focus primarily on how to promote your business, we take a holistic approach by developing completely integrated marketing systems. From targeting and branding to acquiring new customers and delivering a great customer experience- we help you create all the key elements of a powerful service-based marketing system.

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I look forward to helping you grow your business and build your dreams!


Randy Braun, MBA
The Small Business Marketing Academy

Duct Tape Marketing is a strategic marketing methodology built specifically for and proven in thousands of small businesses. I have extensive training in these methods and leverage the Duct Tape Marketing consultant network to extend the power of my business.

 “There was a point where we thought we might have to close our doors for good.  Randy was a tremendous help with innovative ideas like designing customer surveys, restructuring our pricing strategy, and bringing in digital marketing tools.  His creativity was amazing!  Today our “little theater” does over $1 million in annual revenues!”

-Ed Chambers, Former Board Chair
-The Town Hall Arts Center


We’ll help you understand exactly what your options are to trigger consistent growth in your business.


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